dinsdag 27 januari 2015

Fashionweek | Dorhout Mees

Hi sweet readers, 

How are you all? I can finally relax after a few very busy weeks with school work. I wanted to post some more posts but didn't had enough time! Yesterday was the last day of Amsterdam Fashionweek and I went to the Dorhout Mees show with my giveaway winner Hilde :)! And wow, what an amazing show!

vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Giveaway | Fashionweek Dorhout Mees winner

Hi allemaal,

Ik ga vandaag de winnaar bekent maken van mijn eerste giveaway! Ik geef een kaartje weg voor de show van Dorhout Mees op maandag 26 januari om samen met mij te bezoeken! Gisteren was de laatste dag om mee te doen en ik ga nu dan de winnaar bekent maken.
And the winner is......

dinsdag 20 januari 2015

Inspiration trend | Turtleneck

Hi everyone,

Have you allready entered my giveaway? Because High On Those Heels had her first aniversary I giving away one Amsterdam Fashionweek ticket to join me for the show of Dorhout Mees on Monday 26 januari. I will announce the winner next Thursday so don't forget to enter it HERE. It's getting colder and colder everyday here in Holland. I'm wearing a lot of warm clothes to stay warm. So this new inspiration is a bit inspired by the weather. This garment will keep you warm for these days: The Turtleneck!

At first I have to say I didn't really like them. But I have tried some and my opinion about the turtleneck is changing! You can wear casual as a sweater combined with a highwaisted jeans and an oversized jas. Or wear a oversized turtleneck dress with some knee-boots and a fedora hat. 
How would you combine the turtleneck? Let me know 

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zondag 18 januari 2015

Outfit | Days of Dungarees

Hi everyone,

This busy weekend went by so fast! I almost danced all day Yesterday because I had a dancepractice and I had to teach. Later that day we went to the cinema with my mother, sister, aunt and grandma. We went to a Dutch Movie called Gooische Vrouwen. I love going to the moties, what do you think? I just got back from a High tea with my old majorette team. It was really nice to see everyone one again because it has been 8 years ago since I dropped out! I also shot a new outfit! Check it out :)! 

donderdag 15 januari 2015

Giveaway | Fashionweek Dorhout Mees

Hi lieve lezers, 

Mijn fashionblog High On Those Heels bestaat 1 jaar, Whoehoe! Ik wil jullie nogmaals allemaal bedanken voor de leuke reacties en support. Omdat ik een 1 jaar besta heb ik iets leuks voor jullie..... mijn eerste giveaway! Het mode event van het jaar waar menig fashionistahart harder van gaat kloppen, want wie wil nou niet naar FASHIONWEEK! Vandaar dat ik 1 gelukkige winnaar mee ga nemen naar de show van Dorhout Mees op 26 januari!