dinsdag 29 juli 2014

Travel | How to pack your suitcase

Hi sweet readers,

It's almost time to go on your vacation so you have to pack your suitcase. But all you want to take with you doesn't fit.. Well girls, we all now that problem! So here are a few tips to pack you suitcase more organised and convenient.

1. Only pack light weight shoes
Only bring light weight shoes with you. So it doesn't take a lot of weight and you can bring more pairs with you. When you pack them, place them at the bottom of your suitcase. If you do have a heavier pair wear them on your flight.

2. Pack a few basics.
Basics are always right to wear and great to combine with other clothes. My favorite basics are simple black or white tops, jeans shorts, a vest and a white blouse.

3. Fill the gaps
When you pack your shoes on the bottom of the suitcase there are a lot of gaps between the shoes. Fill them with socks, bikini's, small tops or your underwear. 

4. Use travel packages
At the Etos of Kruidvat they have these great travel packages. In there are little bottels where you can put in shampoo, moisturizer, sunscreen and many more. Easy and you don't have to bring those big bottels.

5. Roll your clothes ( from Afterdrk )
I saw this great tip van Sabrina from the blog Afterdrk on Elle.nl. Roll your clothes instead of folding. You can fit more in your suitcase ( yess ) and it will cause less wrinkles in your clothes. Is there still a crease in it? Turn on the shower with a closed door and hang your garment in the steam. Then the creases will be gone in no time.

Hope you all can use these tips for your upcoming or next holiday! And If you have another tip or idea just let me know!

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NL: Hallo lieve lezers,
Het is bijna tijd voor je vakantie en je moet je koffer gaan pakken. Maar alles wat je mee wilt nemen past niet... Wel meiden, we kennen allemaal dat probleem! Dus hier een paar tips hoe je je koffer meer georganiseerd en nuttig kunt inpakken.

1. Neem alleen licht gewicht schoenen mee
Het beste is om alleen licht gewicht schoenen mee te nemen. Hierdoor neemt het minder gewicht in en kun je meer meenemen. Wanneer je ze inpakt leg ze dan ze dan op de bodem van je koffer. Mocht je dan toch een zwaarder paar mee willen nemen draag ze dan in het vliegtuig.

2. Neem een paar basics mee
Basics zijn altijd goed en handig om mee te combineren. Mijn favoriete basics zijn simpele zwarte of witte tops, jeans shorts, een vest en een witte blouse

3. Vul de gaatjes
Wanneer je je schoenen op de bodem inpakt zitten er altijd nog wat open ruimtes tussen de schoenen. Vul deze ruimtes met bijvoorbeeld sokken, bikini's, topjes of ondergoed.

4. Gebruik reisverpakkingen
Bij de Etos en Kruidvat hebben ze handige reisverpakkingen. Daarin zitten kleine bakjes en flesjes waarin je bijvoorbeeld shampoo, dagcrème of zonnebrand kunt doen. Zo hoef je niet die grote verpakkingen mee te nemen. Zijn de flesjes te klein? Neem dan maar een halve fles shampoo mee zodat je net genoeg hebt en hem daarna op vakantie kan weggooien.

5. Rol je kleding op 

Ik zag deze goede tip in een artikel van Sabrina van de blog Afterdrk op Elle.nl. Rol je kleding op inplaats van het op te vouwen. Hierdoor kun je meer kleding kwijt in je koffer ( dat willen wij haha ) en je krijgt minder kreukels in je kleding. Zit er toch een kreukel in? Zet dan de douche aan en hang je kleding stuk met de douche deur dicht in de stoom. Hiermee gaat de kreukel in no time weg.

Ik hoop dat jullie iets aan mijn tips hebben voor je volgende of aankomende vakantie! En mocht je nog een andere tip of idee hebben laat het me weten :)! 

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zondag 27 juli 2014

Outfit | Let's go to the Beach

Hi everyone, 

How I love those lazy days when you just don't have to do anything. Well I had that kind of a day Yesterday with my boyfriend. I went for the first time on the back of his motercycle, that was pretty cool! I have to work for 3 weeks and then my 3 weeks holiday starts but thankfully the weather in Holland is great. For this new outfit I'm wearing a look that is great for a day at the beach.

When I going to the beach I like to wear light clothes and comfortabel shoes. I love this new skirt. I bought it a few weeks ago at the Zara.  I have combined it with a witte loose fit shirt and for the evening, I always take a vest with me. Under that I'm wearing my new platform shoes that I also bought at the Zara. Well I just love Zara haha.
What do you think of this new beachy look?  Let me know 😊

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Hi allemaal, 

Wat hou ik van die dagen wanneer je helemaal niets hoeft te doen. Ik had zo'n dagje gisteren met mijn vriend. Ik ben voor de eerste keer achter op zijn moter geweest, dat was best cool! Ik moet nog 3 weekjes werken tot mijn 3 weekse vakantie maar gelukkig is het in Holland ook lekker weer. Voor deze nieuwe outift draag ik een look die perfect is voor een dagje strand. 

Wanneer ik naar het strand ga draag ik graag lichte kleding en comfortabele schoenen. Ik vind mijn nieuwe rok helemaal top. Ik heb hem gekocht bij de Zara een paar weken geleden. Ik heb gecombineerd met een witte loose fit shirt en voor de avond neem ik ook een vest mee. Daaronder draag ik mijn nieuwe platform schoenen die ik ook heb gekocht bij de Zara. Ja,  ik hou van Zara haha. 
Wat vinden jullie van deze nieuwe beachy look? Laat het me weten :) 

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Shirt - H&M |Vest - Pieces | Skirt and shoes - Zara

donderdag 24 juli 2014

Styling | Yellow shoot

Hi sweet readers,
Gosh the weather is beautifull here in Holland! To bad that I've to work allmost every day.... I've to work for a month till my 3 weeks holiday starts. My boyfriend and I booked a 16 days trip to Yucatan, Mexico! I'm so excited for this amazing trip. But for now let's start with this new item on the blog: Styling

A friend of my is a photographer. She is really talented and had to shoot on location for a school assignment.  Her theme was Yellow. She asked me for the styling of the models. It was a fun day with a amazing team!
What do you guys think of the end result? 

maandag 21 juli 2014

Outfit | Fashionweek

Hi people,

Finally I can post the outfit that I wore at Amsterdam Fashion week. I wanted to post it earlier this week and my computer broke down but I didn't had enough time but here it is. It was my first Fashion week ever so it was a pretty exciting evening with a lot of new faces and bloggers that I met.

woensdag 16 juli 2014

Outfit | Did It Myself

Hi everyone,

How I just love those days when you just don't have to do anything. But after one day like that I was totally bored haha. I know that I'm a busy person but I do love those busy days actually. So I used my free time to clean up my room ( especially my closet, to much clothes that I just don't wear anymore ) and for my blog. I hope you all like this new outfit that I shot with one of my own designs.

maandag 14 juli 2014

Events | Fashionweek Tony Cohen

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend. This weekend was a busy but also fun weekend! Yesterday I went for the first time to the Amsterdam Fashionweek. At first I thought I could'nt go anymore but then I won a ticket for the Tony Cohen show through a giveaway on the blog of Wendy van Soest from FabulousstyleWS ( link here ). I was so happy that she picked me and Kimberley Bergman from Thekimberlyb ( link here ) to go together to the show. When we arrived I met the Michelle from mforfashion ( link here ), she was also going to watch the show with us.

zaterdag 12 juli 2014

Inspiration trend | Platform shoes


Hi sweet readers,
'A girl can never have to many shoes ' true quote. Well that is one of the quotes that I prefer! I'm a girl with a big love for heels. When I was on high school and college I always wore heels hence the name of my blog: High On Those Heels. When I didn't wore them people thought that I was sick or not feeling well haha. But now because I work in a shoe store and I have to stand all day I wear more comfortabel shoes like sneakers, slip ons and flat boots. In the past I didn't really like flat shoes but now I like to make a mix of wearing flat shoes and heels. With my over more than 45 pairs of shoes collection you can say that I'm a shoeaddicted. So therefore this new inspiration trend post that I really like: Platform shoes.

dinsdag 8 juli 2014

Outfit | Small Get Away

Top - Zara, Skirt - Asos.com, 
Slip ons - H&M divided

Hi sweet readers,

Sometimes you just need some time off. So my boyfriend and I went for a 3 day weekend to Valkenburg. It's a small city in Limburg. With our room with jacuzzi and the sun on my face we were relaxed and focused for a new week. I also shot some cool photo's from one of my outfits in Valkenburg.

donderdag 3 juli 2014

Recap | June

July is here so it's time for a new recap. A lot of different and fun outfits which I wore in June. Which one is your favorite outfit? 😊

dinsdag 1 juli 2014

Keep on Smiling

Sweater - Primark, Skirt - Men at Work
Shoes - Invito

Hi everyone, 
Busy day today ( as always ). I have to style 3 models for a shoot. The main colour for the shoot is yellow. Such a happy and pretty colour to shoot.