donderdag 18 september 2014

What I like | Favorite Fashion Webshops part 2

Hi everyone,

A few month ago I posted a blog about my favorite Fashion Webshops. I do prefer shopping days in the city but for Webshops outside of Holland you do have to order. This time I found a few new webshops with lots of cool items. Here are some of my favorite:


Found this awesome webshops threw Fashion attacks and immediatly loved it. They have everything what a trendy girl need all at a tempting price. They provide a unieke platform that brings the most In - style and exclusive prices to you. It's like your frontrow at a Fashionshow.

&Other Stories

A sistercompany from one of the best stelling warehouses in the world: H&M. The collection are expensiver as the H&M but there fully on trend and gorgeous. A more modern city type clothes who loves to follow the new big trends. The first &Other Stories store is coming to Amsterdam in the fall!

One of those shops were you can't get enough of is A UK company with all the latest trends and happenings in the Fashion scène for a awesome price. What I also really like is the everyday changing collections. You wanna go back every day to see what's new.

Miss Selfridge

On of my latest discoveries is Miss Selfridge. Miss Selfridge is on the the leiding online fashion detailed in te UK. The're concurring Europe with there unique style and brand. Feminine and chique are the key words for their collections. They have something for everyone.

Which shop is your favorite? Shop till you drop!!

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